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Timmerdorp Groningen (Carpentry village Groningen)

Build a village with 500 children for 4 days in a row

Timmerdorp Groningen is a week-long construction and carpentry camp for children from 7 to 12 years old. Under the guidance of more than 100 professionals and volunteers, more than 400 children build huts of wood and nails during the last week of the summer holidays. Together they create a real village, with actual streets, a village square and all kinds of homes. Children are encouraged to work closely together and play outside the entire time.


We inspire children to use their creativity, be curious and look for adventure. We encourage them to work together and to play outside. To take initiative and build with their own hands, and thus develop self-confidence to do things like this more often. We want to teach them to develop themselves and embark on new paths, to deal with their environment in a different way and with what is available. By bringing children together and allowing them to share their knowledge, craftsmanship, creativity and technology, we are making them aware of the role they can play in shaping society.

The participating children learn to collaborate and, together with hundreds of others, locally build their own community in just a few days. The result, a real village with a central square, a street plan, small neighborhoods and various architectural styles. At the end of the week, the children present their village to their parents and other interested parties during a spectacular Village Festival.