in Technology

For businesses, governments, social and cultural organizations and many other clients I bring technology and creativity together into tailor-made solutions and innovations for social issues, communication, product innovations and entertainment.

Man vs Robot #2: Man vs Nao

Teaching Gaia, a NAO humanoid robot, boxing.

My method

Co-creation, collectively bringing an idea to a working result

“The influence that technology has on us as individuals and as a society is my motivation and source of inspiration. Technology is ubiquitous and always present in our lives.”


A pirate ship simulation game

Do it yourself

Tiny house with sustainable off grid living workshops

My mission

Bringing technology closer

I’m an explorer and a doer

Wheel of Trouble

About solutionism, solve random problems by building a machine

Man vs Robot

A spectacular boxing match between a man and a robot

The process

Collectively bringing an idea to a working result

“My projects and products are focused on researching, experiencing and innovating in collaboration with others. I am convinced that technology, like creativity, is not the goal itself, but a means to reach that goal.”

Video whacking

A moving interactive and active game table