About Floris Maathuis

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I am inventive Producer, Inventor and theater maker Floris Maathuis. I create performances, machines and software, originating from a passion for technology and its role in society.

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In my work I examine the possibilities and consequences of technological developments in both negative and positive sense. For me it’s important that you can experience my work, be a part of it and not only a passive spectator.


I combine many different fields. Game technology, selfbuild objects, theater, live music and much more. For product innovations, performances, corporate events, exhibitions, interactive artworks and serious gaming, both commissioned and autonomous, alone or in collaboration.

Have a look at the projects area for an impression of the projects I worked on.

If you want to know more, collaborate or have a technical or artistic challenge for me you cab always contact me.

At the moment I am translating my site to English, so not all the projects have an english version. Till I’m ready you can choose Dutch and use the Google translate button in the menu.

Floris Maathuis               tel.+31 (0)6 20293983                  info[at]florismaathuis.nl