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About me

Creative explorations in technology

Some examples:

  • Provide decision-makers with insight to AI by a working prototype
  • A workshop to let employees experiment with augmented reality
  • Draw attentions to a exhibition stand with a tailored interactive installation
  • A virtual tour of a company where everyone wants to look around.
  • Introduce employees to the dangers of fake news in a workshop and performance.
  • Let students experience the dangers of distraction in traffic through an interactive game show.
  • Teach children about energy consumption by building a playground that produces energy with them
YARR at the stearing wheel

My mission: bringing technology closer to people

The influence of technology on people and society is my motivation and source of inspiration. Technology is ubiquitous and always present in our lives.

I am convinced that using technology yourself for creativity is an efficient and pleasant way to discover new possibilities. My projects and products are aimed at researching, experiencing and innovating together with others. I am convinced that technology, like creativity, is not a goal in itself, but a means to a goal.
Together we bring new technology closer and we turn technology into new possibilities.

My method: first the goal, than the technology

In a smooth proces to working prototypes, devices or software , I help clients make well-founded choices in strategy, concept and product development. Because I have a wide range of creative, technical and educational skills, a certain technology does not have to be the starting point for me. In co-creation with the client, I can adapt the necessary technology to the goals and desired applications: first the goals, then the technology.

Thanks to a smart step-by-step process design, prototypes can be evaluated and adjusted quickly. In this way we can constantly monitor and adapt in terms of progress and direction.

The process: Cooperation from idea to result

Whether I am approached by clients or initiate myself, I always follow a clearly structured process, which is aimed at developing together. In cooperation with the client and project partners, we determine objectives, frameworks and desired products and results.

From screw drill to game technology

I work with a wide range of digital and analog tools and techniques, from software programming, game technology and robotics to screwdrivers and wood. Based on the type of assignment (product development, education, research, design) and the objective, we make the most suitable choice. When necessary, I bring together multiple disciplines. I work together with theater makers, programmers, stage builders, storytellers, architects and many others.

I like exploring and doing

In my work I always start form the interaction with the user: doing, exploring, discovering, experiencing, in my opinion that is what provides new insights. With this approach I design and develop with and for business, government, social and cultural organizations and other clients.

Originating from my curiosity about the relationship between humans and technology, I studied Cognitivve Science and Engineering. Because I really like to make and collaborate with others, I started producing and developing in the theater field. Since 2004 I am combining both fascinations as independent innovator and inventor. In addition, I teach game design at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences two days a week.

Broedplaats De Campagne, a dream in progress

Broedplaats de Campagne is a dream of 10 creative entrepreneurs who create their own workplace and workshops on the former Suger factory site in Groningen, the Netherlands. On 2400m2 of land we build a circular and largely self-sufficient and circular workplace with space for technology, nature, innovation and creativity.

I have my workplace here and will continue to develop and implement my projects in and with De Campagne in the coming years. The very extensive network here gives me direct access to a whole range of expertise, knowledge, tools and skills. A small selection: programming knowledge, VR development, aquaponics, circular and sustainable design, video production, 3d design, electronics and theater.