in Technology


An extended overview of projects by Floris Maathuis

Het AIroakel

AI generates images in response to questions about the future of Groningen

Wildpark de Pionier

A requiem to the Vloeivelden, De Wonderlijke Wereld presents a spectacular mixed reality tour with AR, audio and theater in a 2.5 km long tour.

Man vs Robot #2: Man vs Nao

Teaching Gaia, a NAO humanoid robot, boxing.

Do it yourself

Tiny house with sustainable off grid living workshops

Man vs Robot

A spectacular boxing match between a man and a robot


A pirate ship simulation game

The Lie Detector

A performance that speaks the truth

The Apple of Contention

A performance about beauty

Interactive base

Who is the fastest from base to base

The Customs Bureau of Thought

Wielwaal – Interactive Poem

Installation artwork with interactive poem

Playing energy

Energy-generating playground device designed together with the children of a primary school

Wheel of Trouble

About solutionism, solve random problems by building a machine

The Clubs Cave

Interactive game in which you can be a Neanderthal for a minute

Draw your future

Draw the landscape of the future together

Earthquake simulator

A low-tech earthquake experience

National Traffic Lab

An interactive roadshow about distraction in traffic

Video whacking

A moving interactive and active game table

Oklahoma 2.0

A performance / installation about privacy

Timmerdorp Groningen (Carpentry village Groningen)

Build a village with 500 children for 4 days in a row

Women’s Senate Chamber

A hall of fame for female scientists


A floating head answers philosophical questions

Thuis in de Tuinwijk (At home in the Garden neighborhood)

A community art theater project in the garden neighborhood of Groningen

Matchlab, an audiovisual data concert

An audiovisual data concert about dating

Friends of Science present: The Juggler’s Brain

An absurd dream flight with circus, (live) video, illusions and a lot of humor

Hier Mode (Here Fashion) 35

Communications pack, company event concept and fashion show for Hier Mode

Nomadic Milk (Esther Polak), software for visualization of GPS tracks

Software to edit GPS tracks and print these in sand with a robot

Kerosene Craft Cafe

A creative multidisciplinaty game jam / hackathon


Performance including dancer, opera singer and VJ

Opening Act Winterwelvaart (Winter Prosperity) 2009

Site-specific theatre performance on the water


Site-specific theatre performance on an old tugboat

The Tamed Cloud

A street act with radio-controlled rain cloud


Art manifestation on roofs in Groningen city center

Day Night Zoo

Multi-sensory theatrical installation

Different Trains

A three-dimensional audio play in four construction sites