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If you could convert DNA into sound, how would something like family ties sound? Father / mother, partners? Would a perfect gene pool yield cacophony or harmony? We take the visitors’ DNA as the identity and then convert it, compare it and combine it together to create a subtle auditory contact. In theory, a perfect future (gene) match is determined together with the strategies of dating sites.


For Chantalla Pleiter and Pavlov e-lab, Floris Maathuis created an application in the programming language processing that makes a live audiovisual data concert based on the personal preferences of the visitors.

  • Concept: Chantalla Pleiter
  • Software: Floris Maathuis, Teackele Soepboer
  • Sound / composition: Dennis van Tilburg
  • Scientists: Jan Komdeur (behavioral biologist;) Melinde Mills (Sociologist)
  • Support: Nathalie Beekman, Pavlov E-Lab.
  • photo: Sander Holloway