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The Clubs Cave

Interactive game in which you can be a Neanderthal for a minute

Enter the time machine and live like a Neanderthal

‘The Clubs Cave’ is a game and a time machine rolled into one. When you enter the cave, you’re entering into the prehistoric age and you’re given a bear skin cloak and a club. There is a lot to take in around you; animals and dinosaurs roam freely as well as other primitive people. With the club in your hands you can hit like a real Neanderthal and that’s exactly the point of the game. Everything you encounter with your club, hit it! For everything you hit, you get points. Did you rack up the most points? Then you won the game!


  • Concept and construction: Floris Maathuis
  • Music and sound design: PM “O Sullivan
  • Graphic design and illustrations: Anne Mérat – Stilzo
  • Lighting design, technique and Arduino: Teackele Soepboer
  • Photos: Johan Scheffers Photography
  • Video: Pieter van Dijken