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Het AIroakel

AI generates images in response to questions about the future of Groningen

Are you curious about what the future of Groningen looks like? Ask the AIroakel (AIracle) your question and the algorithm will show you what the future can bring.

How do agriculture and nature go together in Groningen? 

What will the energy transition look like in the landscape?

What will happen if a nuclear power station is built in Eemshaven?

How should the nitrogen crisis be solved?

How do we keep Groningen accessible?

The AIroakel (AIracle) presents its vision on the future of Groningen by means of three generated images. That is a starting point to start a conversation about it.

What do you see? Is this what you want? Can it be done differently? Who else wants that, and who doesn’t? And who actually determines what the algorithm does?

With this installation I investigate the role of algorithms in democracy and the collaboration between algorithms and people.

Developed in cooperations with the Dutch Province ofGroningen

Concept, coordination and programming: Floris Maathuis
Intern, grafical design and prompt creation: Eryn Bosman
Set design and construction: Mats Boswijk
Sounddesign: PM ‘OSullivan