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A pirate ship simulation game

“Ahoy, landlubbers! Follow me for an adventure on the seven seas!”

Get behind the ships wheel and take on the role of a pirate captain whose life, ship and dignity have been taken away by the Flying Dutchman. With your shipmates on the cannons, you scour the Caribbean to regain your dignity and locate the most notorious ship of all. On your journey you sink numerous enemy ships and loot as many ships from the United Caribbean Trading Company as possible all the while steering clear of the king’s soldiers.

‘Yarr’ is a game that was developed by the Groningen game company, Polygon Interactive. Together with Floris Maathuis, the game has been brought to life by an installation complete with life-size images, a large helm and cannons. The installation’s premiere took place at Winterwelvaart 2017 where ‘Yarr’ could be experienced onboard a real ship.