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Different Trains

A three-dimensional audio play in four construction sites

‘Different Trains’ is a three-dimensional audio play where you get the chance to travel through the minds of train passengers. You are uncomfortably just a bit too close to total strangers. You avoid glances, start a clumsy conversation or drain everything out with your own music. Four people make the same journey, see the same landscape passing by but seemingly traveling independently. The friendly old woman with her peppermints, the lurking student, the inevitable eccentric loner and the equally unavoidable business guy. Suddenly the train stops, what does this mean for a chance meeting? In four train compartment coaches you experience a story of obsessions and misunderstandings. In ‘Different Trains’ you not only hear the conversations but also the thoughts of casual company. The program is definitely not interactive and offers you the certainty that you will arrive right where you started.

‘Different Trains’ was the first performance of Stichting Different Trains (Foundation Different Trains). Floris Maathuis was the artistic director (together with Kasper Peters and Richard Neef), project leader and technical coordinator. Floris also was responsible for the sound design and the recording and editing of the audio. The sound was played on home cinema sets via 5.1 surround.